Causes of the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death

Causes of the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death

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The PS3 yellow light of death or PS3 blinking red light indicates that something is terribly wrong with your PS3 hardware. This cannot be specified to one particular fault or the other. There are many reasons for the PS3 yellow light of death.

Top 3 causes of the PS3 yellow light of death

One of the causes is failure of the solder. This is as a result of the cycles of repeated heating and cooling of this solder. This makes the solder to crack leading to loss of the contact between the chip and the component. Therefore, your PS3 will shut down.

PS3 Yellow Light Of Death

Another cause of the blinking red light error may be due to major failure of your hardware. This may emanate from a malfunction in the main power supply unit. The processor of your PS3 may also get too hot. This heat will liquefy the solder leading to a break between the solder and the Central Processing Unit of the motherboard.

Failure of the hard drive may also cause a PS3 red light issue. However, the main cause of the PS3 yellow light of deathis most likely related to faults with those solder points that are found between the mainboard of the PS3 and either the RSX graphic card or Cell processors. The Ball Grids Area (BGA) packaging that is used by most PS3 parts is very vulnerable to breaking when put under thermal stresses.

PS3 yellow light of death – a common failure?

Sony claims that the PS3 has a very low rate of failure. However, the design of the PS3 appears to have some major flaws. Original 60GB PS3 models seem to be the most affected by these causes. However, later models of PS3 will also not turn onwhen affected by the PS3 yellow light of death.

The good thing is that developments are being made to PS3. This will involve smaller chips which will have lower requirements for power. Temperatures will also drop drastically and the PS3 red light flashingproblem will no longer exist.

In conclusion, there are many PS3 yellow light of deathcausesand your machine may be affected by one of them. This is very exasperating especially since Sony claims that the PS3 has low rates of failure. Once you have discovered the causes, it is up to you to go about fixing the blinking red light error. You can elect to do this yourself or to hire a professional to repair the PS3 yellow light of death.