Getting More From Your Customer

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We are all customers of one product or another. How is it we always seem to buy or shop from the same place? What is it that these businesses do to keep us coming back and buying from them? A large portion of the selection process that a customer goes through is done through advertising – attracting and reminding customers through promotions.

Customer Service Strategy

Without doubt, the most effective strategy for retaining a customer is to provide excellent customer service. But you need them to sample your product or service initially. Once you receive the review, you will need to remind them that you are there, willing and waiting for their next purchase!

How do you do this? COMMUNICATION. There are some basic tools that a small business or large business can employ to improve their sales with their customer. These include:

  • Sales letters
  • Sales promotions
  • Email newsletters
  • Advertising
  • Customer service
  • Telemarketing

Communicating with the Customer

You will need to find out what the best avenue for communication is for your customer. If it is an online business, emails and sales letters might be the best option. If you have an off-line business, then maybe sales promotions inviting customers to a special VIP evening for a product release might be your best option.

In reality, it is often a combination of communication tools that generates the most sales from your customer. You are constantly saying, 

“Remember me? We were of great service to you last time, and are waiting to be able to provide you the same service again”.

Begin making effective change in your customer communications today.