Review of PS3 blinking red light fix guide: PS3 Lights Fix

Review of PS3 blinking red light fix guide: PS3 Lights Fix

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As promised earlier this month, today, I wanna give you a detailed review of the PS3 blinking red light fix guide: PS3 Lights Fix.

Why did I need a PS3 blinking red light fix in the first place?

I suffered the PS3 blinking red light three weeks ago:

There I was, in the middle of a fight to the death, when the screen went blank and the red light was blinking. Arrhhhhgggh! NO! What the heck happened?

First thing next morning I called the Sony tech support number and they said sure, we have a PS3 blinking red light fix… but it could be up to SIX WEEKS before I’d get my console back! Wait six weeks to continue the game I’d been playing for two weeks straight? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Plus, they wanted $150 to even look at it!

I just couldn’t wait that long so I did some digging and asking around in the gaming forums I belong to and someone told me that there was a way to fix this stuff myself. They sent me to PS3 Light Fix and although I was very sceptical whether this guide could help me or not, I decided to buy it. On the one hand, it was much cheaper then sending the PS3 to Sony and on the other hand, it promised that I could fix my PS3 blinking red light myself in less than two hours.

Contents of the PS3 blinking red light fix

After paying through PayPal, I could immediately download the repair guide. I was really impressed that PS3 Lights Fix is more than a simple eBook; it is a huge collection of guides, videos and bonuses.

PS3 Lights Fix mainly consists of step-by-step guides for the following fixes:

  • blinking red light fix / yellow light of death fix / 3 beeps fix
  • flashing green light fix
  • red screen fix
  • Blu-ray drive fix
  • freezing screen fix

All guides are accompanied by instructional video which make it a lot easier to understand the steps that are needed to repair your PS3.

PS3 Lights Fix includes repair guides for all available PS3 models:

  • PS3 60GB (most common)
  • PS3 40GB
  • PS3 80GB
  • PS3 slim

If you still have problems to understand the instructions after reading the manuals, you have access to 24/7 support and One-on-One help.

My conclusion regarding this PS3 blinking red light fix

With the help of the guides I was able to perform the PS3 blinking red light fix in little less than 3 hours. The guide is very straightforward and includes one or more pictures for every single step you have to take. I think, together with the videos, almost everyone can do a PS3 blinking red light fix.

I’m very happy that I decided to buy PS3 Lights Fix because I was able to save myself just over $120 and didn’t have to wait 6 weeks to use my PS3 again.

Click here if you also want to fix your PS3 yourself.